Sabina Guerrero
Contact for Companies

Sabina Guerrero arrived in Luxembourg 10 years ago, all the way from Ecuador via France. She attended ESC business school in Montpellier, specializing in supply chain management. She also holds a degree in Asia/Pacific trading. After having worked in supply chain management for several years in Luxembourg, she discovered the world of entrepreneurship and created her first company in fashion. A big part of running her first company entailed networking and meeting people from all walks of life. It was there that she met people from all walks of life who were struggling with their work-life balance. She saw the need to create ‘The Job Tailors’ to address the changing requirements in the workplace.

Linda Kaestner
Contact for Press and Media

Linda made her way to Luxembourg via the Netherlands 10 years ago, unlike her business partner from not so far away – Germany. She has a master’s degree in Sociology and is currently earning a certificate degree as psychological counselor. She spent the last few years working in financial institutions in client-facing roles. Despite being highly organized, she experienced first-hand how hard establishing a fulfilling work-life balance is and decided to leave the 9-6 behind. Linda instantly identified with the message of ‘The Job Tailors’ and joined the company as a co-founder.

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