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We have been friends for many years and in 2016 all three of us found ourselves at a crossroad. Sabina and Carolina, both parents of two small children under the age of 6, were forced to make a choice between their kids or their career. Linda struggled with the long hours at the office and her responsibilities outside of work.

So, one day we all sat together and came up with the idea of starting our own company, where we could have our own flexible schedule and be able to pick up the kids from school while getting a day’s work done. One idea led to another and it became clear to us that we are not the only ones struggling with the long hours, inflexibility and the feeling of being stuck at the office. The concept of The Job Tailors was born to help companies in Luxembourg to implement flexible work programs. ‘Putting people first’ became our motto and vision for the company.

 Sabina Guerrero

Sabina Guerrero

Contact for Companies

Sabina arrived in Luxembourg 9 years ago, all the way from Ecuador via France. She attended ESC business school in Montpellier, specializing in supply chain management. This was not enough, so she got another degree in Asia/Pacific trading. After having worked in supply chain management for several years in Luxembourg, she discovered the world of entrepreneurship and created her first company in fashion. A big part of running her first company entailed networking and meeting people from all walks of life. It was there that she met parents who were struggling with their work-life balance. She saw the need to create ‘The Job Tailors’ to address the changing requirements in the workplace. Sabina is a parent to two small kids, she enjoys baking birthday cakes and dancing. 

 Carolina de Leon

Carolina de Leon

Contact for Job Seekers

Originally hailing from Guatemala, Carolina arrived in Luxembourg 8 years ago. She has lived and worked in Belgium, Scotland, Spain, Italy, England and Luxembourg. She is an Industrial Engineer and  holds a master’s degree in General Management. Because of her big affinity for start-ups and social responsibility, it was only natural for her to join ‘The Job Tailors’. Being a mom of two young kids, she is very familiar with the struggle to achieve the right work-life balance. Her natural ability to network and listen allows her to understand the needs and constraints of job seekers. Carolina is highly interested in child development and education, technology, and she loves dogs.

 Linda Kaestner

Linda Kaestner

Contact for Press and Media

Linda made her way to Luxembourg via the Netherlands 9 years ago, unlike her business partners from not so far away – Germany. She has a master’s degree in Sociology and spent the last few years working in financial institutions in client-facing roles. Despite being highly organized, she experienced first-hand how hard establishing a fulfilling work-life balance is and decided to leave the 9-5 behind. Linda instantly identified with the message of ‘The Job Tailors’. Being trained in project and time management, she brings the “German” touch to the company. Linda is an avid world traveler, inquisitive about how the world works and a fellow dog lover.

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